This weeks Flow Feature is on Selene!!!

This weeks Flow Feature is on Janessa!

This weeks Flow Feature is on Jessica!

This weeks Flow Feature is on Chris from Argentina!

Welcome to this weeks Flow Feature! Another big week with Florence re-awaking in the world of Twitter, and the band announcing yet another show! Good luck to everyone trying to get tickets for the shows this year! This weeks Flow Feature is on Chris from Argentina! 

Chris and his family moved to Argentina when he was only five years old. His parents made the decision to pack up and leave their ‘boring’ lives on a whim and decided that the beautiful land of Argentina was where they would find their happiness.  For Chris life was perfect, the move was the best thing that they had ever done. He loved everything about the country, and all he wanted to do was explore with his younger brother James. For the first few years they lived there, his parents felt the same way. 

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This weeks Flow Feature is on Sarah Wilson

Welcome to this weeks Flow Feature! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. Thank you all for joining us yet again to read about Sarah Wilson from the USA.

For Sarah, Florence + The Machine will always be the centre of her world. She first discovered the band through her best friend Stephanie. Sarah and Stephanie met in their first years of school. They were polar opposites in their appearance, Sarah was always slightly tanned with long flowing blonde hair, and Stephanie was pale as the moon with short bright red hair. Other than that, there was absolutely nothing different about them. They loved the same music, food, art, films, TV series, has the same idols, the list goes on. Sarah was always slightly self-conscious, afraid to show her real self, but not when she was with Stephanie. Stephanie brought out the best in Sarah, and vice versa. Not once did they fight in the years after they met. It was the kind of friendship that we all read about in books and see in movies, the kind many go their whole lives wishing they could experience.

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This weeks Flow Feature is on Elizabeth!!!

Welcome to this weeks Flow Feature! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, today’s story is on Elizabeth from the UK!!

Elizabeth had always been interested in art, history and music but had never had the courage to try and create her own, not until she discovered ‘Lungs’. Elizabeth first discovered Florence + The Machine in early 2010. A seemingly simple music recommendation from a friend soon turned into an obsession. Day and night, for weeks on end, Elizabeth was attached to her iPod with ‘Lungs’ on repeat. The album became a part of her life that she knew she could never part with. The music spoke to her in a language that she had never heard before, with words so sweet and full of meaning that her heart ached with every listen.

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This weeks Flow Feature is on V. Holmes!!!

Welcome to this weeks Flow Feature! It’s been a big week with Florence winning even more awards for herself and the hard working band, and finally some new festival dates announced! We’re glad that through all the excitement you’ve found yourself reading our weekly Flow Feature, this time on V. Holmes!

V. Holmes first discovered Florence + The Machine in the most unlikely way… In early 2010 she was walking down the street on her way to the local music store. Too busy wrapped up in a conversation with her friend about their favourite British bands (Coldplay or The Beatles???) V. was not watching where she was going. Before she knew what had happened she was a heaped, bloody mess on the doorstep of the music store. V immediately turned around to abuse whatever inanimate object that had caused her such embarrassment, and instead stopped in awe at an image of the most beautiful red haired woman she had ever seen. Through some kind of fate or destiny V had managed to trip over a display for the recently released debut album of Florence + The Machine, ‘Lungs’. 

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We just realized that this week marks our six month anniversary!

Since we began publishing our Flow Features not a week has gone by without an inspiring Flow sharing their incredible story with us and the rest of the Flow community! Thank you to every single Flow who has been features or has submitted!

We look forward to more and more of your inspirational stories…

This weeks Flow Feature is on S.G. fom Australia!!!

A random pick in a box full of records, who knew it would change her life forever…

This weeks Flow Feature: Braiyan Becerra